måndag 2 februari 2015

Pentagon eyewitnesses (videos)

The other day I saw several youtube-links to witnesses of the plane crashing into the Pentagon in a group I have on FB so I thought I'd make a blog-post about them.

Especially 3 of them were extra interesting, but they're all good. They are 6 in total and I'll also add a playlist to that.

I'll post the most interesting ones last. All clips are short, 1-3 minutes. They come from TV-stations so may be taken down in the future at some point, but I will take a chance and post links to them any way.

Will post direct links for now. Meant to post embedded videos of these videos, but Blogger cannot find the videos.

2 mins, Joel Sucherman:

(link: Pentagon Plane Crash Witness Joel Sucherman, Ch. 9)

2 mins, Harry Gold:

(link: Pentagon Plane Crash Witness Harry Gold)

2 mins, Capten Steve McCoy:

(link: Pentagon Plane Crash Witness Capt. Steve McCoy)

Now comes the most interesting witnesses.

3 mins, firefighter Alan Wallace who was very close to the impact hiding under a car:

(link: Pentagon Plane Crash Witness Alan Wallace)

3 mins, pilot Tim Timmerman, identified the plane as a 757 and an American Airlines plane:

(link: Pentagon Plane Crash Witness Tim Timmerman C*N*N)

1 minute, Dawn Vignola who could also identify the plane as a 757 and American Airlines plane through the male living with her:

(link: Pentagon Plane Crash Witness Dawn Vignola)

In addition to these 6 videos, there is also a playlist of 5 videos of Pentagon witnesses that you can get to by clicking this. 4 of the videos are 9-10 mins long and the 5th is 4 mins long.

There are more witnesses than these, but they help to get an idea.

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