tisdag 4 augusti 2015

Truthers are...deniers?

At almost every major event for some years now, truthers and other conspiracy theorists have opposed and denied that things went down as "the media" claims it did. Examples of this are the Boston bombings, Sandy hook-shooting etc..

It's like they have a knee-jerk reaction to deny anything the mainstream media ("MSM") says, regardless of what it says.

How many of you would be willing to bet they would not claim that the next shooting we'll hear about in the news will be claimed to be some "false flag" to take away your rights in one way or another?

Apparently, many of them see the world in a totally different way those of us who don't think like that.

The human mind surely is amazing....

I'm not angry at those who genuinely believe in what they say normally. I do oppose liars and deceivers though.

Alex Jones is an example of such a deceiver. What's good is that even many truthers know this by now.

As an aside, it can be noted that some (certainly not all) truthers tend to lean towards "doubting" that the Holocaust actually happened, or at least as has been stated in our history books and, again, in the news...

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