onsdag 10 september 2014

9/11, 2014. 13 years later. Why this blog was created.

9/11 2001 was a terrible day that shook the world. I live in Sweden, but even here it felt like anything could happen next. In my country it was in the afternoon that the attacks took place, some time before 3pm local time. I can't remember if I saw the 2nd plane hit live or not, but I remember watching the news live before the towers began to crumble. Quickly Osama bin Laden was suspected of our own terrorist experts even if they too urged caution about assigning blame before knowing more. On 9/11 or right after, I heard American's understandable anger at the attackers and I could almost "sense" the sympathy from much of the world towards USA for these terrible acts. USA had sure had people criticizing them for their foreign and even internal policies before this, and I too had had some criticism, but on and after 9/11, at least I did not feel so critical for a fairly long time (until 2003 or so).

After 9/11, I somehow vaguely "heard" or saw somehow that there were some conspiracy theories about this day, but I thought it was so ridiculous that I didn't even want to hear any of them. I also quickly felt fed up with 9/11 very quickly, but I also had some personal problems to deal with some months after so maybe that played a role too in me not watching much about it right after.

It wasn't until 2005-06 that I began looking at 9/11 and the conspiracy theories mostly, but then I started looking at pretty much all aspects of 9/11. I think it had begun with Alex Jones' "Terrorstorm" maybe that an American told me about and then I looked at other conspiracy videos and websites. There was a LOT of conspiracy websites and videos at that time. It was sort of overwhelming. I was also a bit "shocked" that many of the conspiracy theories seemed more possible than I had thought. I even asked a physics teacher where I studied at the time about this in general, but all he told me was to be careful with the sources. I began thinking that there may be something to these theories and I sort of became "obsessed" with 9/11, finding both the theories interesting and the events so big and shocking, which also contributed to my interest. but after being on the verge of believing in a conspiracy for some time, perhaps less than a year, I noticed that the conspiracy theories hinged on suspicions and believing in the interpretations of the makers of videos or authors of websites and books and not much that was concrete evidence. Meanwhile, the "official story" was supported by evidence. I tried to go by what they talk about in American court rooms I had seen on TV or movies, namely what can be proven "beyond a reasonable doubt". A doubt can still exist, but one can say that it is unreasonable (if it is of course). For example, if I use the words of a police officer or a forensic expert in other cases normally without doubting them, I should also do so in this case. If they say that they identified almost all victims of AA77 that crashed into the Pentagon, I think that I should believe them. Since I realized this, I became very much against the conspiracy theories because they assigned blame without supporting evidence. They also often attacked the victim (USA) or the eternal scapegoat: Jews (or Israel or zionists). Several who did this were also Muslims making it even more upsetting given that those that had perpetrated the attacks had tried to claim they were Muslims. This is not to say that all Muslims are bad or terrorists. Obviously these were extremists that called themselves Muslims.

This blog was created because I know how much conspiracy-related material is out there roughly and I understand how easy it is to believe there may be something to it all when one doesn't have the time or interest to look into it more deeply (I have had time & interest myself to do so). The intention is to spread real facts, information, go against conspiracy theories and some of the conspiracy theorist "leaders" like Alex Jones and others.

May this and future 9/11's be peaceful and may we all care about citizens no matter where they are from and no matter what their religions are, as long as they they don't act bad!

May the victims of 9/11 Rest In Peace of forever haunt their attackers! and may all conspiracy theorists stay true to facts and truths and not pride or agendas when it comes to 9/11.

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