söndag 14 september 2014

Why this blog was created (continued)

Many people believe in conspiracy theories concerning 9/11. That's one reason to try to create a counterweight to that. but there is also another reason... A lot of the information in conspiracy videos and on conspiracy sites is not entirely correct. This blog intends to spread facts about 9/11.

One example of erronous information on conspiracy sites and in conspiracy videos that keep coming up is that some hijackers supposedly were "alive" after the attacks of 9/11. This was not the case. BBC, which is often linked to about this, themselves have linked to another link explaining that they did a mistake in claiming that hijackers were "alive" and even Saudi-Arabia have come out confirming that the 15 from their country indeed died on 9/11 and were guilty. See BBC's update from 2006 & Saudi-Arabia confirming 15 of their citizens were hijackers and died on 9/11 .

Another erronous piece of information is that supposedly explosives were found in a van near the George Washington bridge. That was reported first, but was later denied.1 minute clip denying explosives found in the van:

...and there are many more examples...

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