söndag 5 oktober 2014

Truthers - how to respond to them?

This can be a tricky and sensitive matter, which can bring up a lot of emotions as we can see in the following clip of a firefighter getting face to face with a truther...

Firefighter arguing about 9/11 truth at ground zero.

We could do like Bill Maher and ridicule and laugh at truthers as he does here:

...or just stop a debate, just like Bill Maher does when he threw at disturbing truthers on his show years ago:

or, maybe we should let them ask questions and reply to them like NIST did when it came to WTC 7? Link here.

Maybe we should say how stupid we may think some of them are like Steve Shives does here?

I think it depends on what type of truther you are talking to. There are many truthers in many countries and they are not all the same. Some are young, some are old. Some are American, some live in the Middle East or Pakistan or in other countries.

Some of them (I guesstimate 50%) want to blame Israel, Jews or Zionists. I think most of them conflate other things with 9/11 though and am not interested in debating them personally very much.

Others believe in Judy Wood's theories about an energy of some sort was used... Interesting idea, but it loses traction before it even gets off the ground. Same with "no-planers" as I see it.

You have a fairly big group of truthers who seem to have their mind set and aren't open to debate and listen to the other side, exemplified here by Alex Jones' encounter with Mark Roberts:

but, I think a fairly reasonable group of truthers exist also that may have honest questions and a true desire to want to know what happened, find out the truth about 9/11. Those I am willing to debate.

and, I want to respect everyone, apart from maybe those that want to use 9/11 for some agenda, such as making money (Alex Jones for example) or attacking Israel or Jews.

What is paramount for all of us is to respect the victims and their loved ones.

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