onsdag 22 oktober 2014

Ari Fleischer reveals details about Bush in the school on 9/11

Ari Fleischer shared important details on Twitter this latest 9/11 as CNN reported.

2 very important revelations came from these tweets:

At 08:46 am AA11 crash into the north tower and Ari writes that the motorcade is still a few minutes from arriving at the school. As you can see here. This is important because several truthers have claimed that Bush saw the first plane hit the first tower, which we see was impossible (unless Ari lies, which I assume he doesn't even if you can never know).

The second important revelation Ari gives has to do with Bush's reaction.  Ari gives several tweets about this. In one tweet he says he didn't think Bush should address the press yet as you can see here. As you can also see here Ari told the president to not say anything yet(while listening to the children read), but didn't show the press this. This is important because several have during these years made a big fuzz about Bush's reactions on 9/11 and even wanted him impeached over it! of course the president is always responsible for his actions, but here we can at least see that Ari gave him advice about this specifically.

There are other interesting tweets too from Ari on that CNN-link so I encourage readers to check it out in full. Another interesting tweet I can mention is the one about Bush before he went into the classroom. He told Condoleezza Rice to make resources available to help NYC as you can see here.

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