lördag 1 november 2014

Haaretz' unfortunate anti-Bibi cartoon that plays into some truther's hands...

Israeli left-leaning news site Haaretz posted a cartoon directed against Benjamin "Bibi" Nethanyahu on the 30th of Oct 2014 and his handling of US-Israeli relations.

The cartoon, which sees the cartoon "Bibi" drive an airplane into a cartoon skyscraper with a US flag on top, unfortunately plays into the roughly 50% among truthers that blame Israel or Jews for 9/11, or possibly "zionists".

There is no real evidence to prove Jewish nor Israeli (nor Zionist) involvement into 9/11. There are many claims of evidence, but they don't prove any actual guilt concerning the events themselves.

Instead, the ones who admitted to these acts of terrorism, said beforehand that they would attack USA, that foreign intelligences (and NSA) picked up would attack USA were anti-Israeli at least (one can read Osama and others in AQ attacking Israel over and over. Whether they were/are anti-semitic is not clear to me.

The cartoon itself can be seen here:

The link to the twitter of Haaretz with the cartoon can be found here .

The cartoonist who made the cartoon explains himself and what he meant here : 

Haaretz cartoonist: I was mocking Netanyahu's handling of U.S.-Israeli relations

I saw a link from a "white nationalist" website that posted this cartoon only the day after and of course asking if "Israel admitted to 9/11"... So, I thought I'd try to post this to maybe help clear this out.

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