tisdag 21 april 2015

Truthers' narrative questions by Sam

In a group I have about 9/11 on Facebook ("9/11 conspiracy theories are an inside job!") a member, Sam Beeson, made a comment where he wondered what truthers' narrative are regarding 9/11 if I allow myself to interpret his words. He asks why truthers don't have a single story. Further he brings up a number of questions he thinks one almost has to ask truthers just to see where they are coming from. I thought his comment with these questions were so good that I wanted to make a blog post about it. I will share his comment with the questions in full below.

Sam Beeson's comment(by "page" he means my group):

The truth movement would be much more believable if they would at least agree on a single story. Instead, whenever a new truther comes to this page to argue, you have to ask them 20 questions to find out what kind of truther they are.
1. Are you an inside job, LIHOPer, or combination?
2. Were the planes that crashed into the WTC real with passengers? Real, without passengers? Military Drones? Holographic images? Combination?
3. Was the plane that crashed into the Pentagon real with passengers? Real without passengers? Military drone? Missile? Other.
4. Was Flight 93 real with passengers? Real without passengers? Drone? Missile? None of the above? Other?
5. Thermite? Nukes? Space laser? Other?
6. Who was behind it? Bush? Cheney? The gas companies? The CIA? A Middle Eastern country? Bankers? The Illuminati? Reptilian aliens? The New World Order? Combination? Other?

In all seriousness, if truthers could answer these questions BEFORE they start debating, it might make things a little easier for us to argue with them.

Fair questions?

What are truthers' view of a narrative regarding 9/11?

What kind of truther are you?

Sadly, there is a group that very often gets the blame in different variations that you could add to his point 6, but the point is still made, and he knows which I mean. I have a rule against bringing them up for that reason among others, otherwise I am sure he would have brought them up there too. and "other" covers that any way.

Here you got a view from a debunking perspective. and a little questionnaire to bring to a new truther when you meet him or her.

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