söndag 3 maj 2015

Why the Ground Zero fires lasted so long

An old newspaper article from November 2001 dealt with the efforts to fight the fire at Ground Zero. It brings up the firefighting efforts, the toxic chemicals and more.

2 paragraphs were extra interesting to me as it pertains to something that truthers have frequently brought up: why the fires lasted so long. Truthers often say the reason is thermite.

Fire experts in the article think different as I will quote now below:

It is no mystery why the fire has burned for so long. Mangled steel and concrete, plastics from office furniture and equipment, fuels from elevator hydraulics, cars and other sources are all in great supply in the six-story basement area where the two towers collapsed.
Water alone rarely can quench this kind of fire, which will burn as long as there is adequate fuel and oxygen and as long as heat cannot escape, fire experts said.

It can be useful to be aware of this as opposed to the explanation that truthers often give. Actually I am not ruling out thermite, but I have not seen evidence that I think conclusive proves thermite was found, nor used. Thus, I am not totally convinced it was thermite that Jones & Harrit showed. Again, I am not ruling it out, I am just skeptical that it was actually thermite.

Further, I find the explanation showed here from the article (page 2 of that article is where the quote is in and I linked to page 2) in New York Times much more probable and logical. That fire experts say it also gives it more credibility in my view.

Credit to Ronald Wieck from Hardfire (and in my 9/11-group on FB: "9/11 Conspiracy Theories are an Inside Job!").

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