lördag 23 januari 2016

The Disaster Movement?

Have you noticed a tendency in the 9/11 "truth movement" and other conspiracy groups to quite often seem to predict impending doom, a disaster, a collapse or a new world war?

Well, at least I have. I'll give you some examples.

Michael Ruppert

Michael Ruppert was a truther who became sort of famous from a lecture he held that he turned into a movie about 9/11. It seems like it didn't go so well for him after that and he got depressed and was in a documentary simply called "Collapse". Here's a 2-minute clip:

RIP Michael Ruppert...


You have likely heard about Christopher Greene and/or AMTV if you have checked out conspiracies on YouTube:

A search for "collapse amtv" gives you 8,690 results on YouTube:

Even more results for "ww3 amtv": 11,900:


StormCloudsGathering is another common account on YouTube with many views that delves into conspiracy theories:

StormCloudsGathering is Aaron Hawkins in real life. 2,610 results for "collapse storm clouds gathering":

Alex Jones

The uncrowned chamption of disaster theories and fearmongering(without seemingly honestly worried - he acts scared at times only) is Alex Jones. We can see that in the numbers:

His website is of course infowars. 313,000 results from "collapse infowars". If you search for "ww3 infowars" you get slightly more results, 333,000:

I just included the first hit in the search results above

Hypocritical illogical reversed stance

Ironically, many of these conspiracy theorists that so quickly yell disaster, collapse, WW3 etc. then minimizes real threats like say terrorists or the risks of guns in USA (about 9,000 gun murders per year) or climate change. These are just some examples of real threats they play down. That can make you at times wonder whose side they're on and if they're really "patriots" as at least Alex Jones claims to be.

Referring back to the above examples and others, you have to wonder: is the truth movement in fact the disaster movement?

Just a thought.

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