fredag 29 april 2016

Going to FEMA camp this summer?

Summer time among other things means a time for different camps people of different ages can go to.

Will you go to FEMA camp this summer?

It has all the Kool-Aid you can drink! One of the perks.

They also have pools at the FEMA camps. Pools of molten steel... Very hot, but strong as...well, steel.

Who can attend the FEMA camp? 

Well, being a truther is a sure bet it seems according to some conspiracy theorists.

That's your ticket in. or, actually, you don't need a ticket! VIPs only though. Many prolonged stays however...

You can get to "shill" with the Debunkers at FEMA camp!


Help yourself to a Bilderberger or maybe enjoy a "gubermint".

Don't worry, US taxpayers pay...

There's also waterboarding!

Ah, false flags are in the air... nothing like FEMA camp...

Day or night, FEMA camp attendees will be subject to attempts to "wake them up", sometimes literally.

The Illuminati is there to help with the lighting...

You can actually get your very own black box at FEMA camp! A personal one and it's actually black, not orange. Big though. or so says Alex Jones and he has shown pictures and videos.

FEMA camp is not to everybody's liking of course. "A few fries short of a Happy Meal" as they say. "A burger short of a combo meal", "a few tacos short of a fiesta platter", "a few toppings short of a Deluxe Pizza", "a few burgers short of a barbeque".

Supposedly some "bite the dust", but that's unconfirmed.

In summary

Either way you slice it, FEMA camp is quite an experience!

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