torsdag 29 mars 2018

The imagined discussions that would preceed supposed "demolition" of the twin towers and WTC7


I was responding to someone on FaceBook about WTC7 and then I got to thinking how absurd the discussions might've been had it truly been demolitions that went on back then.

"let's plant silent explosives that will go off silently while everyone's watching from around the world after most of the people below impact has escaped"
"especially, let's blow up this obscure WTC-tower few cared about prior to 9/11 so as to point to a lease-holder for no reason"
"let's also make the towers collapse as fast as possible so that people can speculate it was demolitions even though we supposedly control these demolitions"
"and, guys, not a word. Scout's honor"

These were of course made up by me and satirical. but they highlight logical problems with the demolition-theories.

One could imagine other absurd statements, like:

"let's plant plane parts in New York City without anyone seeing it in one of the biggest cities in the world"
"also, let's destroy 2 of USA's most iconic building as an excuse to attack Iraq and Afghanistan and lose trillions of dollars and thousands of human lives in messes that won't be solved in 17 years"

"let's shoot down United 93 with a missile for no reason by a plane noone has seen shoot a missile at it"
"we have to make AQ-videos spewing anti-American propaganda for years of course"

Yes, these are exaggerations and imaginary, but they truly highlight how illogical it would have been to do these things that conspiracy theories would have us believe "they" did.

There's also some "conspiratainment" in them.

Happy Easter!

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