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Undeniable proof demolitions were not used in the twin towers?

Twin tower floor connectors

In a recent debate about the Twin towers, I recalled that NIST wrote that all connectors (I thought bolts) below impact were pointing downward. This clearly shows something pressed on them downward and bent them. A demolition would not have done that. Some might get twisted, but they wouldn't in that case all be twisted downward.

To me, who is not an expert, this is an undeniable proof that there was no demolition.

More specific and where to find the info yourself

To be specific, it was so-called floor truss connectors that pointed downwards. As far as I can understand, these are the "plates" that connect to the outer columns and that the floors then rest on. You can, if you want, read about these floor truss connectors in NIST NCSTAR 1-3 here . That will take you to the whole PDF so it might take you some time to load. Then you can go to section 3.5.3 on page 117 of that report. Some truss connectors were missing.

Page 119, the summary, also brings this up.

Caveat, and important to bring up, is that NIST thinks there are too few samples and too random to see a pattern. They are the experts and I acknowledge that. but in the summary, you can see that 93% of the truss connectors in WTC1, and 88% of the truss connectors in WTC2 were pointing downwards or missing.

NIST mentions in the summary (last sentence) that fracture indicate overloading during collapse.

Regarding the bolts, most of those they found had broken off or failed. I mention this, because some claim the bolts were very strong. Section E.7 also mentions that the major failure mechanism was fracture of the bolts. Page 18's second paragraph mentions breaking of the bolts also. Page 108 brings up different bolt failures too.
Section 3.4.4 on page 114, 2nd paragraph, mentions how the Building Performance Assessment Team took pictures of hundreds of columns and panels that had failed at the bolts during collapse. The summary in section 3.4.5 on the same page the major failure mechanism was failure of the bolts even. Section 7.6, page 2.8.2, 2nd paragraph, says the same about major failure mechanism.

Explosive scenario

Again, imagine an explosive scenario. I imagine an explosion similar to a ball of pressure (and more). The pressure from such an explosion I thus imagine would not only push down on such floor truss connectors, or from one direction.

Also, those that espouse the demolition theory say the demolition basically traveled down under the collapse to make the collapse happen.


So, again, I think these floor truss connectors basically prove there was no demilition by planted explosives. or, at least, I don't see how to reconsile the 2 possibilities. Again, I am no expert, so I could for sure be wrong about this.

Also, there are of course other indicators it wasn't a demolition by explosives like the fact that WTC2 fell first and the lack of any discernible sounds that match those of controlled demolitions.

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