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How good they were

How good were they?

First off, who do I mean by "they"? By "they" I mean the ones who were responsible for 9/11 according to truthers. For simplicity, I will simply write they from now on without quotation marks, but imagine "they" (wink wink) are there.

This post will be about some of the things they supposedly did to allow us to admire their amazing skills.


OK, going back to the question who they were. Well, they were so good, that we don't even know who they were! Again, we assume it was not the AQ now, but some group of individuals that did a number of things to orchestrate 9/11, and also to shift the blame from themselves towards those chaps in AQ that supposedly did the actual hijackings with supposed real people and planes. or so they want us to believe.

We know they haven't talked since noone has really admitted to these supposed deeds that we can confirm. So, we know they can keep secrets. Let us look at what they did.

Before 9/11

They apparently worked in tandem with AQ or nudged AQ to do what they wanted AQ to do in order for AQ to frame themselves and be witting or unwitting patsies and pawns to be used. Because AQ made fatwas against the US 2 times and their actions and words afterwards show that they wanted to attack the US and claim they did 9/11. Some of them, like KSM and Binalshibh, express a wish to want to die for their supposed roles in 9/11. I am sure they fooled AQ and made them puppets to use as punching bags to take the blame for what they did. Again, here I refer to they mentioned earlier and which this post is about.

Apparently they also got parts of the Arab world and intelligence community along with it since they all gave warnings of something big about to occur prior to 9/11.

What they did in Manhattan

Remember the supposed jet engine found on the pavement in Manhattan? They planted that! A jet engine, right smack dab in Manhattan, without anyone seeing them on a beautiful busy workday. Very sneaky. First they banged up the engine so it would look like it came from a 767 that crashed into one of the Twin towers. They were so good that they made it look similar to a simulation of the damaged engine in a simulation of the damage to an engine that flew through a model of a tower that was shown in a NIST-report. Skills. I wonder who smashed that engine up and who placed it there without being noticed.

They also planted plane parts on the roof of some buildings without being seen and - interestingly - planted a spandrel with a plane wheel wedged into it from one of the towers. That stuff weighs a LOT! and they still managed to just plop it there on the street as we can see in a picture that I cannot remember right now the source of, but I ask you to google that up for yourself or simply believe me, but preferably you'll google it yourself.


The major things they did of course though, the "finale", were the demolitions of the Twin towers. That was something else. They used explosives that were quiet, did not flash so the many cameras picked it up or leave any physical parts like cords or metal parts that any worker that sifted through the fine material reported to have found.

They were very interesting. They opted to take down the south tower (WTC2) first, even though it had been hit last. Also, they chose to make the demolitions they controlled extremely fast so truthers would be tipped off that they did it, thereby revealing they were behind it. Haven't figured out why they didn't make it slower if it exposed that they were responsible, but that's what was literally going down in downtown Manhattan in 9/11 2001 truthers say.

Something curious they did was when they handed the script to BBC about WTC7, which they made them call the Solomon brother's building. This script said that WTC7 had fallen, but silly BBC said so and filmed it before it had been! Well done to make BBC not reveal the script in all these years I'd say.

Oh, and WTC7 fell fairly quietly. Such a sneaky demolition!

They were interesting in how they chose to demolish these 3 towers differently. WTC1 peeled like a banana, WTC2 tilted. Both of these from the top. but WTC7 they "pulled" from the bottom! What that thing was with the penthouse is not known to truthers.


For the Pentagon, they opted for a different approach. Not sure if they didn't have the CGI-machine working, but they instead opted to pay off (assuming they payed, greedy bastards!) many to claim they saw a plane, when in actuality they used a missile! From where was this missile launched? Why did they have the missile fly in big turn before hitting the Pentagon at an angle? Typically, it seems like missiles fly rather straight and fast to pack a big punch. Or, so, I, a layman, think.

The "funny guys" were so silly that they planted engine parts, but of the wrong type of plane! According to truthers at least and the truthers know what happened as we know.

How they knocked the light poles with a missile is unknown at this point.

Also, we are not sure why they handed out surveillance camera images that did not show a plane. They could've faked it with their CGI-machine, but again, we must assume it was not working here. Used too much in NYC maybe? Questions... Well done in not showing the missile though.

Now, they hit a newly renovated part of the Pentagon that could resist an explosion. Why they opted to hit that part is also unknown. If we assume they were greedy and didn't want to bother paying for the reconstruction of that part again, they were in for a surprise when it collapsed! Got many workers out of the way though. Would've been a shame if 5,000 or so would've died.

At the Pentagon, they apparently also planted plane parts without being spotted. Also in Shanksville! Funny enough, they opted to "drop" the black boxes here, although they smashed the CVR so we couldn't hear them on their faked tapes. Too greedy to record another tape I'm sure.

Shanksville (U93)

Speaking of Shanksville... Here in Shanksville, curiously, they opted to use a real plane for some gosh darn reason, BUT, they also shot it down by the military... and had the military not say a peep about it. Not a word... or else!

Then they dug a little hole with some planted smoke in and burned some trees, and voila! - called it a crash site!

As mentioned before, plane parts were planted here, but in a very sneaky way: underground! and they dirt must've been placed on top of them so they later could "find" the parts. Of course, some items of the hijackers were also planted to bring the point home. Here they opted to let us have the cockpit voice recorder along with the data recorder (the 2 black boxes). How they got the loved ones to recognise the people on the recording seems a bit odd.

What they wanted

If we try to put it all together, all these events, what seems to have been what they wanted to accomplish? First, let's just quickly recap. They bombed the towers, shot a missile at Pentagon and had the military shoot down U93. It might not seem like these seem so very related, but I am sure they knew what they did and why. One question might be why they didn't attack more buildings in Washington if they had access to at least one missile? Why not shoot one at the Capitol building? Also, why not use missiles in all 3 locations? Out of missiles? 

Back to the motive. It seems like they wanted to attack Afghanistan and Iraq. Again, they acted in an interesting way here and chose to not use Afghanis or Iraqis as the supposed hijackers, but mostly Saudis! Did they want us to suspect and blame them? Truthers have not cleared that up yet. It's curious also how in Iraq they chose not to plant some WMDs just to at least try to save face to the American public and the world. Especially given how they went around to plant stuff in the US! Not so easy to plant in Iraq under the cover under the military? They work in mysterious ways... Funny guys!

Why would they want to attack Afghanistan or Iraq? Couldn't they have saved the money used to commit 9/11 to instead buy some new houses or yachts or travel the world? Guess not...

Were these guys good or were they good? (They were good)


Just a little disclaimer. With this post, I just wanted to show how little the truthers' conspiracy theories "hold together" and make sense if thought about from a broader perspective. In my view at least. I also want truthers to think about their theories more and dare to scrutinize their own claims and the people making them. Preferably doing so without pride or trying to side with "your camp" to maximize chances of getting to the truth!

I did not use links in this post as I wanted to try to make it somewhat funny and read more like a story sort of. A different post compared to my others, I know.

I do not mean anything bad against most truthers except those with evil intentions. I have a big understanding for how confusing it seems many times when it comes to 9/11 and this blog is an attempt to try to provide some facts to help people out if they want it.

Also, no disrespect of any victim or loved one of victims intended. I have learnerd how badly people have suffered both physically and emotionally from 9/11 and I am full of compassion for them.

Let us go for truth and care for each other!

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