tisdag 10 juli 2018

How the planning happened (made up)


A fellow debunker on Facebook made a comment about the supposed planning of 9/11 that I thought was so funny that I decided to make a blog post out of it. These funny stories are both entertaining and might make some question what they believe and why in the best case scenario. The words below the headline are all his and not mine. He chose not to be named. Without further ado I will share the story and call it "The planning".

The planning

Somewhere, in a darkened, smoke filled room, evil men conspire.

"Gentlemen. We need to make sure we frame our (finger quotes) 'operation' on (finger quotes) 'Islamic terrorists'....from the group we're calling (finger quotes) 'Al Queda.' Suggestions?

"Well, we could get video of them boarding the (finger quotes) 'planes'...."

"No. They would just blend in with the other passengers and we'd be accused of (finger quotes) 'stereotyping.' We can't have that."

"Okay. How about if we create this thing we'll call a (finger quotes) 'passenger manifest?' We can simply forge their names onto that. Show a paper trail of (finger quotes) 'buying tickets,' (finger quotes) 'baggage checks,' (finger quotes) 'drink purchases...'"

"No you fool! Anyone can claim that the paperwork was forged. Besides, we would then have to add the airlines in on our conspiracy, which means less profits for us."

"Hmm. How about if we plant a passport on the streets of New York from one of the (finger quotes) 'hijackers'....soak it in (finger quotes) 'jet fuel' to drive the point home that it came from the planes...."

"Liking it....liking it...."

"Then, we can take a lighter to the edges of it....you know to make it look like it went through an (finger quotes) 'explosion'..."

"NO! It must be kept pristine so that the sheep never question who was on the planes!"

"Well....ooookay. But I've got another idea too! We could make them out to be Iraqi since our long term goal is to invade Iraq and steal their oil."

"No. That won't be necessary. Jenkins here is working on planting a WMD in Iraq for that operation. Aren't you Jenkins?"


"(Rolls eyes) Never mind. He'll get it done. Or he'll be back to discrediting those annoying JFK (finger quotes) 'researchers' on Facebook."

"Uh....what's (finger quotes) 'Facebook?'"

"Oh. It's another operation that is in the works where we will employ thousands of (finger quotes) 'shills' who will help us keep the sheep from waking up."


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